And the ramen run continues

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I found myself in the South a couple of weeks back for work. I decided to let traffic ease up before I head back home, which meant staying in Commercenter until around dinner time. After walking around aimlessly to work up an appetite (I shared a large bowl of Mango Bing Su with my friend Rap earlier that day), I walked into Sigekiya Ramen ~ Tsukemen.
When it's my first time in a new place, I order the house specialty. So I got their signature Sigekiya Ramen - their own version of shoyu ramen. I never could eat anything spicy (except when I have clogged nose, in which case eating something peppery hot would make my nose runny, HAHA!), so I asked them to hold off on the spice. I ordered gyoza on the side, because you can't have ramen without gyoza!
My tray
Sigekiya's ramen is very different from most other ramens I've tried. I usually like my ramen broth watery, but I didn't mind the full-bodied (ANO 'TO, WINE?!? HAHA!) broth of their signature ramen. It was a bit thicker than what I'm used to, but it didn't leave me too full to finish the noodles.
Thick broth and noodles
The noodles are yellow and fat - like a cross between pancit canton and lomi, haha! There was some flavor to it that I can't quite identify, but it played nicely with the broth and with the grilled chasu (pork strip). The chasu was mildly charred, giving it just the right smokiness to balance the flavors of the bowl and of the gyoza side.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my meal. I mentioned earlier that their ramen is different, so if you come in here not looking for ramen you've already tried someplace else, then you'll enjoy every slurp.
By the way, this is where I got to try frozen Jelly Ace for the first time. In my 30 years, I have never thought about putting Jelly Ace in the freezer. They served me two pieces for dessert, and I was so blown away that I took a side trip to South Supermarket to buy a pack that I can freeze at home. Haha!


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