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July 16, 2016 is a date that will go down in my personal history as one of the most exhilarating experiences of my entire life - speaking in front of about 100+ members of the Platinum Wealth Circle. My mentor and arnis coach, Dr. Sixto Carlos, made it happen - he recommended me to Bro. Bo Sanchez and Ms. Chelle Crisanto for the forum, and they took his word for it.
That's my name. REALLY!
The experience is right up there with jumping off the cliff at Salagdoong Beach, the hike to Rancho at Mt. Talinis, and even the enrtire #MindaNOWorNever adventure.
Big crowd. I got scared.
I'm no stranger to speaking in front of a crowd. When I was still a student, I've had my fair share of standing in front of the class to share what I learned from research projects. I had some experience as a teacher, too. And when I joined the workforce, I'd occasionally be asked to present updates and concept pitches and whatever else. So I knew that to do well, I had to prepare. Which I did. I prepared for it in Dumaguete - I built my presentation there, and I practiced giving the talk in my hostel.
My mother was a Kerygma fan; she would have been happy to see this.
But my nerves still got the better of me at the start, and I got so scared that I lost my composure. I hid behind the podium and I held on to my microphone with both hands to keep people from seeing that I was shaking. A few slides in, however, I did manage to finally get my act together and redeem myself.

I was invited to talk about marketing, but the subject is too broad for a 45-minute slot so I narrowed it down to the use of social media as a customer engagement tool. Backed by actual experience as a community manager for several brands, it was a topic that I felt I would be a good resource for.
New reading materials, yay!
The audience seemed to appreciate the talk - a good number of people approached me afterwards to thank me for being there, saying they learned a lot. I was beyond relieved! I don't consider myself an expert, but I do know things and I don't mind sharing them. :)
Thank you, too! :)
Thank you, Bro. Bo and Ms. Chelle, for having me speak at the Wealth Circle! And thank you, Doc Six, for the reco! :)


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