Happy birthday, Pops!

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So my Dad turned the big six-o yesterday and we all know what that means - 20% off on everything! Haha! We had dinner in The Aristocrat along Marcos Highway. Nothing fancy - just a wholesome Pinoy meal (with extra rice, yo!) - but just like our last family dinner in Ippudo for my brother's birthday last June, this was a truckload of fun.
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Because my Dad is one of the corniest people in the Universe, I think his Dad Jokes started way before he actually became a Dad to my brother and me. But I guess they weren't called Dad Jokes until my brother was conceived. I usually whine, "Daaaaaaaaaaaad" whenever he cracks one, but I still end up laughing because his jokes are so bad, they're actually pretty good.

Here's one from his birthday last night:
Erroll: Medyo na-spoil nga yun nung bata. (He was spoiled as a kid.)
Dad: Kaya pala amoy panis. (So that's why he smells rotten.)
To anyone complaining about my so-called sense of humor, please blame my Dad. I got it all from him! Haha!

I secretly ordered a petite Torta delos Reyes, with a birthday candle on top. When the restaurant staff served it, Dad was really caught off-guard! He didn't expect the candle because he didn't notice anyone order it, and that must have kept him from uttering a Dad Joke about it. His eyes were a bit watery, too! So cute! :)

Happy birthday, Daddy! Love you! :)


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