The power of prayer

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Note: This was originally posted as a status update on my Facebook page last June 3, 2016. Close to 100 people liked the post, which is a lot, considering that I'm not exactly an influencer, haha! My account is private, but I figured I'd share the post here in the hopes of getting more people to read it.
St. Rita de Cascia
"One evening when we were all working in his home, my boss Lendro told me about St. Rita, Patron Saint of the Impossible. He gave me the novena card and one of the first things I prayed for was a visa for my friend Jonathan, who, after almost two years of going back and forth at the embassy, still was unable to secure the papers he needed to work in Australia. He asked me to include him in my prayers, and two weeks after that, he messaged me to say that he got his visa.

Another thing I prayed for is the health of my BFF Joandrea, that she may win the battle against lupus. She was diagnosed with the "incurable" disease in 2008, was unable to walk for a year due to complications, and was in and out of hospitals for a while. She's lupus-free today.

I've asked for a few things for myself, too, and a number of them were already granted. Lendro told me that when something I ask is given, I should share the novena with someone else.

And so I did, but only to people whom I think would be open to it. One of them is our client, Ms. Ruby. I didn't realize then that sharing it with her would have a far deeper significance than granted wishes. I didn't know of her past (which mirrored that of St. Rita, which I also did not know of) until today. She walked away from abuse and is now one of the happiest people I know.

Okay, I'm not particularly faithful, but I do believe in the power of prayer - even more so now."

Postscript: A lot of people also messaged me privately to ask for a copy of the Novena. If you're reading this and there is something you would like to pray for, see below (apologies for the poor photo quality). If your prayers are granted, please share this with someone who may need it, too.
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