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All my friends know that I don't care about my hair. I don't brush my hair when I'm just working from home, and when I do step out, chances are I'll still forget to do that. To illustrate my point, allow me to share this conversation between me and my dear friend, Alfred, a few months back:
Me: Alfred! I met someone!
Alfred: Magsuklay ka.  
Yup, it's that bad. HAHA! Anyway, I was in Commercenter yesterday for a meeting. Because I was worried that I might get stuck in traffic, I went there early. A little too early - 1.5 hours before my scheduled meeting! That's too short a time to catch a movie but too long to spend in a restaurant, so I walked into Fringe Salon.

I thought about getting a trim - I figured that they'll have to blow dry my hair to make me look decent for my meeting (yup, I forgot to comb my hair before leaving the house). I didn't want any sort of treatment because those things usually take forever, and I'm too restless a child to sit through an hour of someone fixing my hair. 

When I walked in, I told the lady at the reception that I'm there for a trim, and then she offered me this 15-minute treatment for color-damaged hair (I guess she noticed that my hair needed saving, haha!). She quoted Php1,850 for my shoulder-length hair. I was ready to walk away (because I'm kuripot, haha!) when she said that the package comes with a home care product that will extend the effect for up to four weeks. I did the math, and that's Php370 per week for five weeks of great hair.

So I went for it, and I'm very glad I did! :)
They make you wear a satin robe pa talaga, love it! :)
P.S. I almost fell asleep. I love salon shampoos!
So this is it - the Milbon treatment. The steps are numbered so you don't get confused.
This I got to bring home. I'm supposed to use one vial per week.
First, the treatment really did take only 15 minutes, which meant I had time for some ramen at Sigekiya before my meeting! Woohoo! The treatment is called Linkage Meu, and it's developed by Milbon, a Japanese hair care brand. It's a four-step treatment, but it doesn't take long because you don't need to let it sit for hours on end - it's as easy as apply, rinse, repeat, and of course it ends with blow drying. 
Apply, rinse, repeat - it's really simple and easy!
And the next thing I know, Alex was already blow drying my hair! It's really quick!
All other hair treatments I've had before took too so much of my time (especially rebonding, my goodness!), so it's really surprising that Linkage Meu was so quick and yet the results were amazing! My hair was in really bad shape before I stepped in - not from too much styling but from too little care (sniff) - but all it took for the treatment to work is 15 freaking minutes. I looked like a got a head transplant! 
And TA-DA!!!! With Alex, who took care of me there! :)
My hair looks like human hair now, WOOOOOW
Fringe Salon is located in Commercenter (ground floor) in Filinvest City, Alabang. I was there on a Monday so they had room for me when I walked in, but if you plan to go on a weekend, you may want to set an appointment just to be sure. You can contact them on Facebook if you want to inquire. Aside from the Linkage Meu treatment that I got, they also offer hair coloring, mani-pedi, and other salon services. And I have to say the prices surprised me - the place is so nice and swanky, but the prices of the treatments are actually pretty good! Check them out if you're in the south! :)


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