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My friends Gab and Don of DojoDrifter, the #1 MMA website in the Philippines, recently launched Fight Like A Girl - and although I didn't make it to the kick-off event last September 15 in Functional Fitness in The Podium (thank you, Metro Manila traffic, GRRRR!), this project gets support from me because it's a campaign that empowers women to fight abuse, oppression, and disparity.
Paui (in the gi)! :)
(photo from Dojo Drifter)
When I was a kid, I hated being told that I do things "like a girl" - be it playing basketball, running, target shooting, or any other sport or physical activity. I hated it when the boys in the neighborhood wouldn't let me join them just because I'm a girl. There was actually a time when I got into a fight because one kid made the mistake of not treating me as an equal; I landed three solid punches that left his face bloodied, and that's how I finally got some respect from the kids my age.

I didn't grow up to become one of those "Burn the Bra!" feminists, but I turned out to be quite the fighter. Long before boxing, jiu-jitsu, knife-fighting, or arnis, I have been fighting every day - for my place at the table that seats only men. In the corporate world, I tried to fight the way men did and constantly lost in the process.

It took a while for me to realize and embrace my own strengths, but when I did, being told that I "fight like a girl"  is no longer a diss - it's actually a compliment, or even a sign of respect. And I also started making real strides in my career (which I eventually left behind to pursue other passions, but that's another story. Haha!).

The launch event of #FightLikeAGirl featured basic self-defense seminars led by martial artists from different teams and disciplines. I saw from the pictures that a lot of women attended the event, and I'm glad more of us are stepping up to be empowered. We all need to learn how to get out of dangerous situations, or if it comes to it, we have to learn how to fight.

Props to Gab, Don, and the rest of the Dojo Drifter Team for this awesome campaign!


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