Spring cleaning

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One of the things I value most about my lifestyle now is my mobility. I love the fact that if I so choose, I can easily uproot myself and move to wherever part of the country or the world I want to go at any given time. All my belongings would fit in two balikbayan boxes, maybe less. Well, that does not include the washing machine, but if I ever decide to move, I'll just sell it along with my mattress (yup, no bed - and that's perfectly fine with me).
Bye bye bye excess stuff
Staying in cramped dorm rooms and tiny apartments in my early working years forced me to let go of the things I didn't really need to live; there simply wasn't enough space to accommodate wants along with the needs. I'm lucky that, in 2013, I found the condo I'm in now. I'm sharing it with some friends (a la Friends, HAHA!), and the best thing about it is space, space, space.

When I first moved, I started to acquire belongings because finally, storage was no longer an issue. I didn't make any major home-related purchases - I didn't need to since the apartment's already fully furnished - but I hoarded on books, books, and some more books. And maybe some clothes and shoes, but mostly books. Haha!
So difficult to let go! :(
The longer you stay in one place, the more sh*t you acquire - sh*t you don't really need, or some sh*t you only really needed for a while but can't seem to get rid of. You start to get attached to things, and the next thing you know, you're drowning in so much stuff.

As much as I love my books, the sheer number of them eventually became a threat to my mobility (a.k.a. my freedom), so I decided to let go. So with a heavy heart, I decided it was time to sell the books that I won't read anymore. Along with that, I got rid of the clothes and shoes I don't wear and the bags I don't use (this part was easy).

I sold a lot of my stuff for really low prices, which I don't mind. It's not about making money - it was about getting rid of the clutter. The goal was to once again be able to fit all my stuff in two balikbayan boxes. And after that awesome garage sale series with Mai and Kate, plus some Facebook selling, I'm back to my mobile self!


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