Recovery takes forever now

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Alcohol was never really something my body agreed with. Although I appreciate a glass of full-bodied Malbec or an ice-cold bottle of beer (local favorites are San Miguel Pale Pilsen and Cerveza Negra, but Blue Moon has my heart) every now and then, I really don't like getting drunk. I don't like the heavy feeling, and I don't like that I turn red as a tomato after a couple of bottles (I'm one of those people who get the "Asian flush").
The Culprit
And the part that I dislike most is recovery. When I was younger, no matter how drunk I got, all I really had to do to recover was to sleep - I only needed three to four hours and I would function the next day like nothing happened. There was even a crazy week with Jerry and AR some years back - we'd start drinking at 8pm, finish at 3am, get to our jobs at 8am, and meet up again at 8pm for more alcohol.

It was an insane time. If my liver could talk, I'm sure it would have screamed a slew of expletives at me then.

My age caught up with me eventually, and I really felt the hit. To recover from a night out, I would need at least eight full hours of sleep. And even then, I couldn't function 100% at work - I'd be really sluggish. It takes me about two or three days (depending on the actual alcohol I chugged down) to get back to normal. This impacted my productivity, and even my mood when I was in the office.

So I decided to stop drinking. It wasn't really difficult - like I said earlier, my body doesn't agree with alcohol - but it was a bit challenging to say no to friends who are used to getting a "yes" from me. I managed to do it, though, and that's something I'm actually quite proud of.
Fun with the kids!
Don't get me wrong - I still enjoy the occasional night out. The DEFTAC Manila Team recently had two crazy night outs a week apart from each other, and I DIED. Haha! I couldn't give my best at training because I really wasn't in shape to train in the days that followed, and I don't like that.
Tita Gimik
Recovery takes so much longer than it used to (and I mean that in everything - from long work days to rigorous training), so I'll stick with coffee or dinner or yogurt "gimmicks" for now. I'm embracing Titahood, haha! My body isn't what it used to be, and I'm okay with that.

P.S. Some people say that drinking takes practice - but whether or not that's true, it's not something I'd like to get good at.


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