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12:20:00 PM

We haven't seen our teammate Matt (Coach Myron's brother) at all since he started his OJT waaaaay up north a couple of months back, so when Myron told me that he's in the city and they were gonna have a few beers at home, I asked if I could tag along. Haha! He said yes, so we got beers and chips from Mini Stop and shared a sh*tload of stories and laughs for a few hours.
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Matt was in charge of the evening's background music. At first, I didn't really pay much attention to what was playing - we were all so busy catching up. But OHD's "Priorities" came on, we had to stop talking to appreciate the music. Yup, it was that good. And that's when we started to really listen. The YouTube channel is Holy Chill.

As the name of the channel implies, the playlists assembled there are perfect for chillout sessions. My favorite playlist is Jazzy / Soul, which has now become my go-to playlist for anything and everything I'm doing - whether I'm working, writing (like right now), picking up groceries, or doing my laundry, this is my jam!

Have a listen, folks!


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