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I recently stumbled upon "How To Be A Writer: 10 Tips from Rebecca Solnit," a piece on Literary Hub written by the creative tour de force behind the marvelous book, "A Field Guide to Getting Lost." Before I talk about the article, it's worth mentioning that in my desperation to get a copy of that book, I sent out a distress call to my cousin's husband (Kuya Bong) in the US, to beg him to send me a copy. At the time, local bookstores didn't carry the title yet.
My bible
In the first re-format of this blog, I had a category called Literary Thursday, for which I've written a number of pieces on my writing process and on the things I did to help my writing. The first and the most important tip I gave then (which I will continue to give anyone who asks) is to just write. And as it turns out, Rebecca Solnit and I are on the same page on this one. "There is no substitute... But start small: write a good sentence, then a good paragraph."
My heroine
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The rest of the article practically drove me to tears, and she ends it so simply yet so powerfully; and after going through the brief period of emotional excess, the words just came - some landed on my journal, others in this blog, a few in poetry. If you're a writer, or if you're aspiring to be one, Solnit's piece is something you need to read. And live.


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