Soul, pizza, and beer

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One Friday night, when training was about to wrap up, I got a series of angry texts from a client who was asking for way more than what she was willing to pay for (oh well). The day wasn't particularly good, either, so after reading the messages, I just burst into tears. Coach Myron and my teammates asked me what happened, gave them a summary, and then asked if they wanted to have a couple of beers. HAHA!
Great music!
So we ended up in Malate, in a place called The Bar @ 1951. Chao mentioned that place to us a number of times before that evening, and we decided to give it a try. What I didn't realize at the time that we walked in was that the remainder of my Friday could still be salvaged - all I really needed was soulful music, great food, and ice-cold San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

Let's talk about the band that night - Flippin' Soul Stompers. Those guys were the real deal - and they're such nice folks, too (met them outside in between their sets). I got so kilig when they started playing - so much so that I excused myself from our team table (we were on the second floor) and I sat on top of the staircase to watch them. It brought me back to my Chakiks days with Familiar, watching the likes of Aya Yuson, Simon Tan, and Skarlet. <3

I was so overwhelmed with soulful, jazzy happiness that I grabbed a napkin and a pen to request for either Summertime or Body and Soul. They played the former, and again, I left our table (this time in the middle of my lechon kawali meal) to sit on top of the staircase, where I had a clear view of the band. Summertime is an all-time favorite, and hearing it (played really well) live always leaves me giddy.
Yum! Tinapa pizza!
(photo by Chao Uy)
Next, the food - the tinapa pizza was an absolutely wonderful surprise. I don't eat spicy food, so I didn't add that spicy sauce on my first bite. Myron convinced me to try it, and I'm glad I did! I finished the rest of my share of the pizza with it - I just took big swigs of beer after each bite! The spicy sauce brings out the tinapa flavor even more and gives it just the right kick - so yeah, it was well worth the feel of my lips burning! Haha!
"Two Bottles" Crew
(photo by Chao Uy)
Last thing I need to discuss - ambience. I guess it's sort of connected with the music, but with or without the Flippin' Soul Stompers that evening, I'm sure I would have loved the place. I'm an old soul so I'm naturally attracted to old structures and old areas (I prefer Manila over Makati or BGC because I feel it has more character). Plus, I'm a writer, and I could totally see myself sitting in a corner here with my journal and fountain pen, writing away random thoughts.

So yeah, what started out as an awful Friday night turned out to be the perfect one in the end. I know where to go next time! :)


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