Fighting the stigma

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Last September, I got a random tweet from my college blockmate, Ceres. Her friend, Janella Lacson, was looking for tattooed women to be part of a campaign for Tribal Gear, a local apparel brand. I tweeted back to ask how I can help, and they said they needed to sit me down for a quick interview about my tattoos and how society perceives marked people.

I was supposed to be in Zambales on the day of the shoot, but I had to scrap my beach getaway plans because of the flood situation in my condo. But I guess my mini-misfortune led to something good in the end, so I'm not all too sore about it now despite the major inconvenience. :)
Thanks, Direk!
When I got to the studio (Shooting Gallery in Zapote, Makati - love the place!), I got to chat with Direk Janella and her Production Manager, Carmela, before the interview started. They asked me about my tattoos, naturally, and I told them about how my friend messaged me after she read my Facebook post about answered prayers to say, "Ang bait mo pala kahit ang dami mong tattoo." They told me that I had to repeat that story when the cameras were rolling, so I did. Haha!

On the surface, a remark like that should be offensive, but because it came from a friend who's kinda old school, I didn't take it personally. Besides, her statement is an indication of a much bigger problem, which is society's perception that tattooed people are up to no good. While I can't exactly claim that I'm a good person (I will give myself credit for trying), I'm sure that I'm not a bad one, either (at least not thoroughly).

But whether or not I'm a good or bad person has nothing to do with my tattoos. My inked skin does not make me a bad person, just as another person's immaculate skin makes him or her a good one. What makes us good or bad people are our actions and our choices.

I'm glad to be part of this campaign, and I do hope that in lending my voice to Direk Janella and the rest of the Tribal Gear team, I get to help break the stigma that society has on people like me. Can't wait for the videos to come out! :)


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