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I've been training in jiu-jitsu quite regularly since I got back from my most recent Dumaguete trippy, and considering my work schedule, that's something pretty I'm proud of. There are still days when I really have to skip (a couple as a result of crazy nights out with the DEFTAC Manila crew), but overall, I'm able to carve out time to hit the mats.
New gi hahaha
Last week, I trained in Makati instead of my new home court (Manila). I was actually supposed to skip training that day because I was under a lot of stress from work, but I changed my mind when I got a text from Bryan, inviting me to do drills an hour before training. Along with our other friends Omai & Boks, Aris, and Ernest, we form the Tagaytay Chapter of DEFTAC Makati (the chapter within a chapter, haha!) - so of course I couldn't say no!

When I'm stressed, the first thing I drop is training. Jiu-jitsu classes are scheduled in the evenings for the Ribeiro gyms near where I live, so I'm usually drained by the time the class starts. There were days when there's still so much to do by class time, so I end up skipping jiu-jitsu. But that shouldn't be the case.

I read an article online that successful people never skip a workout, and I heard the same thing from podcasts and online seminars of entrepreneurship and motivation gurus like Lewis Howes and James Clear. Exercise can help clear one's mind, which then helps with focusing and with improving overall productivity.

At Bryan's invitation, I took a couple of hours away from work for a jiu-jitsu break that afternoon, which turned out to be something I needed more than I thought. For starters, I was able to blow off some steam after a rather frustrating day. And my mind was able to rest for a bit, too - although jiu-jitsu is very much a thinking sport, it activated a part of my brain that's different from the one I use as a wordsmith.

That session, one hour went to drills with Bryan, and then I joined the first hour of the class with Mimig at the helm. As much as I wanted to finish the class, I really had to leave because I had a deadline to meet. But the workout was a huge help - when I got home, I churned out my first draft pretty fast.

Not that I needed any more reasons to train regularly, but hey - if it helps with my creativity, then I really shouldn't skip. :)


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