Drills, drills, drills

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I'm hardly a natural in jiu-jitsu. I'm athletic, yes, but my ability to run or swim long distances isn't particularly useful on the mats. Learning new techniques take me a while, especially the fancy ones that my younger counterparts are really fond of doing. But what I lack in talent, I make up for in drills, drills, drills!
Making up for lack of talent. Haha!
When I started in jiu-jitsu, my constants were Omai, Boks, and Bryan, and for a while, the list included Kuya Patrick (Bryan's brother - he's based in Toronto but he was here on vacay with his lovely wife Bianca early last year). We would train every Saturday in Tagaytay. Aside from the yummy food (CHEESECAKE, etc.) that Bryan's family prepares for us, what I love about training there is I have all the time in the world to do drills.

I didn't always like drills. I grew up swimming, and for a couple of years I was into running, and to get better, I had to do drills, too. But I got bored with the repetition. After thousands of laps in the water and on the road, I just couldn't get excited about those sports anymore, which was why I stopped. Don't get me wrong - I understand and appreciate the importance of repetition. Repetition leads to mastery.

But I guess I just needed more variety. I was attracted to jiu-jitsu because there's a sh*tload of techniques (and a practically infinite number of combinations) that I can learn. The littlest tweak can lead to a wildly different result, and it never ceases to amaze me how an inch - or even a centimeter - can spell the difference between getting the submission or getting submitted.

The logic behind drills is muscle memory - you do something enough times to make your muscles familiar with the movement. As the technique becomes more natural to you, it comes out when you roll. Plus, the execution becomes cleaner, which could land you in the competition's highlight reel. HAHA!

Although I'm enrolled in DEFTAC Manila, I decided that I'm going to use my Wednesday rest day to do drills in DEFTAC Makati - with Bryan! I talked to Coach Myron about it and he agrees that it's a good plan. :) I hope I get to sustain this through the Ber months!


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