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It was competition season when I first enrolled in DEFTAC Makati back in January 2015, which meant I inadvertently signed up for comp training. I'll be honest - it was AWFUL. At the time, I was grossly out of shape and I smoked a lot, so I wasn't exactly cut out for a rigorous training routine. Our coaches, Joel and Boks, were considerate of newbies.

Despite that, however, I still tried to push myself to do what my teammates are doing (I didn't always succeed, but whatever). It's not about pride, but rather about being one with the rest of the team, specifically the competitors. They're working their asses off to get ready, and as their teammate, it's my responsibility to help them out.
Poppin' my comp cherry.
Now that it's my turn to prep for comp (YUP), I appreciate that my teammates are all pitching in to give me a hard time. HAHA! But seriously, I'm grateful that Coach Myron and the guys go out of their way to help me get ready - not just by handing me my ass every time we train, but by giving me pointers as well as encouragement.

I also love that Kim from BAMF HQ and Tania from AIC also cross-train with us, because I learn a lot from them. And of course, there's Bryan from Makati - the best drill partner ever! And speaking of Makati, I'm also doing strength training and conditioning in Functional Fitness Performance Center with the super awesome Coach Barbie!
Coach Barbie! :)
We didn't really have a lot of time to get me in shape, but Coach Barbie and Kirk designed an awesome program that makes the most of the limited time. We focused mostly on improving my core strength, but the circuits also got me working on my endurance, agility, and power. I die a little after each session, but it's all worth it! The program is specific to the sport and to my body type (deformities included, haha!).

Although this side training is primarily intended to help me out in the competition, I have to say that I'm also reaping the benefits of a stronger, healthier physique beyond the mats: I can walk longer distances (with heavy bags of groceries to boot!) without getting tired, I actually am able to focus more when I'm working on cerebral tasks, and I make healthier food choices (maybe because I don't want to put my workout to waste!).

I'm not closing my doors to competitive BJJ after Artesuave Manila, but at the moment, I'm not really thinking about the next BJJ comp as I've already set my sights in joining a tournament for another martial art in December. But I'm really considering continuing my personal training program to help me prepare for that, too. And I'd love to keep working with Coach Barbie.


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