The Duma tradition continues

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Since the first time I flew to Dumaguete back in 2011, I've been getting at least one tattoo per visit. Except for the Capricorn on my left shoulder and the Fire Tiger on my right leg, all my Dumaguete tattoos were done by my go-to artist, Karla Rosales. I flew to Cebu and then headed to Dumaguete last November 16 to watch Scharon Mani, a play that my friend Hope co-directed. And because it's tradition, I contacted Karla for another tattoo.
Painfully worth it
This time, I got a modified version of the DEFTAC Manila logo, sans the team name. I loved the skull since I first saw it; at that moment, I decided I wanted it tattooed on me. I remember thinking that I would want that exact skull on my skin even if I were from a different team, haha! Our teammate Trolls is the mastermind behind it. The detail is just amazing, and I knew that I could trust only Karla with such an intricate design.

When we discussed the design over Facebook Messenger, I told her that I wanted to change it up a bit, so it wouldn't only be about the team. I loved the design because it represented a warrior, and I like to think of myself as one as I've weathered through much in my lifetime. I have a specific set of weapons - my mind, represented by the skull, itself; the fountain pen, which is my writing instrument of choice; and the knife.

Tita Margie, my friend Andrew's mom, pointed out that the earring, too, is a "weapon," and I suppose she's right. It may be an afterthought, but I think the earring is a representation of my strengths as a woman.

I'm really loving this new tattoo! Thanks again, Karla, and see you on my next Duma trippy! :)


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