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I missed Scharon Mani when it was first staged back in December 2015. I desperately wanted to watch it because I knew Charmaine, the real-life inspiration behind the protagonist Charlene. I met Charmaine on a Reggae Wednesday; she was selling chicharon and peanuts to the people drinking across Hayahay. I liked her a lot - she's a smart, hardworking girl, and I made her a promise that if she keeps her grades up, I'll help her get a scholarship in Manila and she can stay with me while she's studying.

So when Natalie buzzed me on Facebook to tell me that there was going to be a re-stage last November, I immediately booked a flight. The timing couldn't have been more perfect - I just wrapped up Artesuave Manila so I desperately needed a break from work and jiu-jitsu!
Best Seat in the House, yo!
The Cast
I watched Scharon Mani with the Belltower Project folks. I was seated beside Natalie, who did the translating for me - the play was in Bisaya, which I've been desperately trying to learn since my first time here. Nowell pointed out that it's pretty strange how it was a foreigner who did that for me, haha!

But I've been to Dumaguete enough times to understand Bisaya a bit. And aside from the acting, it was the music that really helped me piece things together and understand Scharon Mani in its totality. That's the testament to this production's genius, its humanity, its universality - it was able to transcend the language barrier.

It was definitely worth flying to Dumaguete for. That, and seeing Andy dance. Or try to. HAHA! But seriously now - congratulations, Hope, Andy, Vida, and Natalie - I'm insanely proud of you guys!


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