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Just last month, I went to Dumaguete to watch Scharon Mani, a play co-directed by my friend Hope (that calls for a separate blog post). Since I have friends in all the right places here (hello, Natalie, Andy, and Vida! HAHA!), I got to watch the tech rehearsal. It was there that I met Hersley Casero, a phenomenally talented painter who recently wrapped up his solo exhibit, titled Sanctuary.
He had a copy of the brochure for Sanctuary, and of all the pieces there, there was one that really spoke to me: it's called Wanderer, and here's a photo of it:
(Photo from Hersley Casero's Facebook account, taken during the opening of his exhibit)
When Hersley shared with me the inspiration behind this painting, I got a sh*tload of goosebumps - I could have sworn he painted ME. I'm a wanderer - the type of person my friends would never see again except in photos if only travel were free. And I'm almost always in shorts, since I usually find myself in warm places. Haha!

The head is a hermit crab. To the unfamiliar, a hermit crab is a decapod crustacean that switches shells (its very home, which it brings everywhere until it's too big for it) as they grow in size. According to Hersley, wherever the wanderer goes is home - and that's exactly how I feel when I travel: I'm never homesick, because I am home wherever I am. In the words of the late great Prince, "I live in my own heart," which in this case is the proverbial shell of the metaphorical hermit crab.

This painting could be anyone, I know. But what really freaked me out a little (and amused Hersley) are the stars painted on the back of the subject. Hersley said they represent the constellations - and if you know me or if you've read it in this blog, you know that I have a Capricorn tattoo on my back. At that moment, I swore that when the time comes that I have a shitload of money, I will track down who bought this piece and beg him or her to sell it to me.
The artist's sanctuary
I visited Hersley's studio ("The Bakery" in Foundation University) the next day, and again I was floored at this young artist's vision. He's currently experimenting with new concepts and methods, and I'm sure that he will wow the art scene anew when his new collection comes out. I can't wait to see it! Congratulations, Hersley, and I hope that you continue creating - your work is a gift to the world.


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