Sun, sand, and a floating bar

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I've been to Dumaguete so many times already, but I only recently got to go to Manjuyod Sandbar. I'm always on a backpacker budget when I'm in Dumaguete, and renting a boat by myself or with a small group would be expensive. But thanks to Boen, our friend from Dumaguete's City Tourism Office, I finally made it here! 

And the timing couldn't have been more perfect - Hope, Vida, Andrew, and Natalie could definitely use a quick getaway after the successful re-run of Scharon Mani. My roommate at the hostel, Daiva, invited our other hostel-mates Grace and Tom to join us, making our group bigger. This meant more money not just for the boat, but for food and booze! BOOM!

Dubbed "Maldives of the Philippines," the sandbar is a huge stretch of pristine white sand in the middle of the sea. To get there, we drove (Gino brought his pick-up while Nowell brought his van) from Dumaguete to Bais City's jetty port, where our boat was waiting for us. I'm sadly back to my old "bad tourist" ways so here's two of the few decent photos I took of the sandbar:
I want to live there forever.
We had a lot of beer and rum so naturally, we started drinking almost as soon as we left the port. HAHA! I had a lot of beer to make up for all those months of controlling my drinking in preparation for Artesuave Manila! I was seriously drunk before 2pm, but then again, I've always been a lightweight when it came to drinking. Good times, yo! 

Enting, a.k.a. MacGuyver, was in charge of cooking. We brought pork, chicken, and lamb to go with our puso (rice) and salad. Everything was yummy! It's a good thing I wasn't in charge of cooking - otherwise, the meats would either be raw or burnt. 
That's Cousin Mathieu with my friend Daiva
Good times!
When we docked at the sandbar, I of course went swimming right away so I could work on my tan! The last time I hit the beach was July (Zambales with Erika), so I've really grown pale since. I know my mother wouldn't approve, but I absolutely love being morena, albeit temporarily.

When we were all done eating, we all had even more drinks on the sandbar, with Nat's cooler serving as our floating bar (we lost the cover because we all got too distracted by arm wrestling, oopsie!). The beer was warm because we ran out of ice, but I didn't mind it at all - I was too busy living! In the sandbar drinking circle, I was seated beside JP who's also not (yet) a Dumaguete local, and he and I both agreed that back home (Quebec for him, Manila for me), we couldn't exactly do stuff like this - on a Wednesday, no less!
These guys make car trouble fun!
Poor Cousin Mathieu!
On the way back, we had some car trouble, but because I was with the craziest gang in the world, even THAT was freaking fun. Cousin Mathieu was knocked out, so of course we had to "look out" for him. HAHA!
The drinking didn't stop in Bais, though - when we got back to the city, they went to Enting's house for more. Haha! I stopped by the hostel to take a shower, so I just followed them at the next stop - 7-Eleven! I gave up after a few shots, though - I could already feel my entire being rejecting the alcohol. I got me a massage, and I got so sleepy that I ended up skipping Reggae Wednesday in Hayahay. Well, I think we all did.

I wonder where I'm going next with these guys. Anywhere's fun with them and a lot of beer! Haha! 


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