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One of my favourite couples, Omai and Boks, gave me one of the best-est Christmas gifts I’ve received in recent years: a hiking backpack! I cried a little (just a little because I’m a grown-ass woman, you know) when they gave it to me - I was so happy! If you’ve been reading this blog, you would know that I went on two hikes in 2016, both in Mt. Talinis, with James and Enza (and with Jai on the first one). 

For the second one, which was my first overnight camping trip, my 28L Sandugo Whiz turned out to be a tad too small so I ended up borrowing a bigger backpack from Enza (it’s a good thing she had a spare one!) to fit my stuff and my share of the food and gear load. 

After that climb, I’ve been trying to find another backpack. But because I don’t climb as often as I’d like, I didn’t want to buy a brand new one (those are pretty expensive, you see). Omai is part of the Smart Mountaineering Club, so I went to her for help - maybe someone from there was selling an old backpack that I could buy for a lower price. She agreed to help by putting word out on my behalf.
One of the best-est gifts EVARRR
A few days after that, however, she messaged me to say that she had an extra bag lying around. I offered to buy it, but she insisted on giving it to me as a gift. And of course I wouldn’t say no to that! WOOHOO! I actually used it already, but not for a climb - just my holiday/birthday trip to Dumaguete and Siquijor, plus a quick Panay-Roxas City-Antique-Kalibo trippy. Now I’m super excited for all the peaks I will reach in 2017 with this! :)
Hi, Boks and Omai! Look!
I've decided to name the backpack Aurora - because The North Face, because Northern Lights. Haha!

Just a bit of a background about the gift-givers: they’re my teammates in BJJ, they’re both seasoned mountaineers (that’s where their love story started!), and I’m one of their favourite third wheel! They never said it, I just know. Hahaha! They also made the mistake of getting me to host their wedding reception last November. Sorry again, guys! HAHAHA


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