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Other people have “New Year, New Me,” I have “New Year, New Notebooks!” It’s one of the things that get me really excited about the start of a fresh year. I have four regulars: my planner (a.k.a. Bruce), my work notebook (a.k.a. Triumph), my creativity journal (a.k.a. Permission), and my gratitude journal (a.k.a. Universe)! I rushed a bit to finish my 2016 journals so I can start fresh just in time for the New Year. 
I'm Batman!
This year, I got the Batman X Moleskine Daily Planner and I'm naming it... BRUCE! HAHA! It’s been three years since I last got a Moleskine, and I miss the smooth, acid-free paper that my fountain pens just glide over beautifully. It’s a bit pricey at Php1,690, but I’m the type who would use it to the very last day so it’s definitely worth every penny. I’m very OC with my Daily To Do Lists - I write down what I need to do the following the day the night before so I can start each morning with a clear purpose. And having a nice planner to do that with definitely adds to my motivation. :)
Each year, I usually consume anywhere between four to five work notebooks; I use them for taking notes at meetings and briefings and for developing copy and other work project ideas. As much as possible, I get those with blank pages instead of ruled ones. My first one for the year is a sketchbook that has a Van Gogh-esque painting of the Arc De Triomphe (hence, Triumph) in Paris on the cover. I've had to revert to a regular pen for it, though - the pages are too rough for my fountain pens.
The cute elephant!
I have the same fountain pen issue with my journal, but that's okay. I don't want it to just be a basic diary. Although I will still be doing a lot of writing, I want the freedom to be a little bit more creative with random sketches and drawings and personal "art" and typography. I hope it helps me grow as a thinker and an artist this year (hence, Permission), as my very first creativity journal did back in my college days.
My <3 is bursting with gratitude everyday.
And then there's the mandatory gratitude journal (named Universe after the source of everything!), and I'm using the Selecta 2017 Planner given to me by Mamu Vangie! Every night, I write down five things I'm grateful for each day so that positive thoughts fill my head before I go to sleep. And on particularly bad days, I just open a random page so I would be reminded that I have so much to be thankful for.
Thank you, Pauline! <3
For this year, however, I'm adding one more notebook to my list. Using the Starbucks Planner that my dear friend Pauline got me for Christmas and my birthday (thank you, deary!), I've decided to add a learning journal this year. I'm calling it Curiosity. In it, I will write daily learnings, which could be a new word in my vocabulary (or in another language, even!),  a scientific or historical fact, some sort of trivia, whatever. This will force me to learn something new everyday!

These notebooks really are a great way to start my year. :)


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