The big switch

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I finally did it. After years of weighing the pros and cons, and after a difficult process of letting go of my small but beloved collection of paperbacks, I finally decided to get a Kindle. I actually started selling some of my books back in October, when we had that garage sale in Cubao. But because I hadn’t made up my mind about getting the gadget at the time, I still held on to half of my titles - the ones that I really loved.
Last December, however, my best friend Joandrea offered to sell me her Kindle for the bargain price of Php1,500. I jumped at it, of course - that’s a steal! She takes care of her things, so it was used but not abused; she was selling it because she decided to consolidate her gadgets (she’s a bit of a techie person). The timing couldn’t have been more perfect - I had already decided to move to Dumaguete, and I knew that it would be impractical to bring my books with me. 

So I took to Facebook to sell more, partly to fund the Kindle and partly to just let go of the weight. I’m only holding on to a handful of very important books given to me by friends and family, but everything else was either sold or given away. I didn’t even bother to take back the books I loaned out; I just pray that the borrowers would take care of my former babies. :)

Joandrea helped me set up an account and load the gadget with a few books I wanted to start with (mostly self-help for now). I love that the gadget lets me carry a library no matter where I go - sans the weight. I can actually bring it with me the next time I go camping! I’ll miss my paperbacks, the smell and the feel of printed pages, but I have to consider not only my mobility, but also my carbon footprint. So yeah, Kindle it is.


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