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I haven’t been blogging much the past few months - I’m not going to use work as an excuse, as there have been periods of time when I’d be just as busy but I still managed to find the time to write. I just haven’t been “in the zone,” and I admit I got a little lazy to get back in it. I’m working on improving that - I’m trying to build better writing habits. I take inspiration from the likes of Joan Didion and Stephen King, two of the most prolific writers of their generation.
I know I can!
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My other source of inspiration is encouragement. On my 30th birthday, I received a plethora of greetings from people online and offline. A few stood out - including the one from a girl I attended the same high school with (I'm not sure she'd be comfortable with me sharing her name), and although we were from different social circles, I daresay we were good. She sent me a message saying that she'd like to read more blog posts from me in 2017, because she was a "fan."

WOW. That made me go awwwwww for the next half hour after reading it. I’ve always been clear about my purpose for this blog - to help people one way or another with whatever it is that I choose to write. Help could be to make them happy after a bad day. Or to help them find their way in a new place I’ve already visited. Or to share with them whatever little wisdom I’ve come to learn from something I’ve experienced before that they may be experiencing at the time they read the post.

And knowing that I’m somehow able to help my small audience - that means the world to me. So thank you, dear one, for your kind words - and if I am able to continue this blog for the rest of my life, please know that you are one of my inspirations to do so.


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