A quick turnover

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With a lot of encouragement from my bosses Kristoff and Sonny, I decided to sell Elise, my recently-acquired Asus Zenbook, to get a MacBook! Haha! The discussion started when Kristoff told me that I should get a Mac because it would make my life so much easier when I'm preparing presentations using Keynote instead of Powerpoint.
My first laptop was actually a Mac - my Dad got me an iBook similar to the one Elle Woods had, except that mine was dark blue. At the time, I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few students in Ateneo who owned one. I had to sell it on my senior year to pay for some of my school expenses. I don't mind doing so - it wasn't particularly useful for me at the time because I didn't have Microsoft Office, which I needed for my thesis.
In my new room, too!
I've had a number of computers since - one desktop, and three laptops. I only used a Mac during my brief stints in PR and in advertising, and I didn't really like it then because I got the really shitty hand-me-down units that were already too slow and too buggy.

To be clear, I wasn't particularly eager to buy another laptop, especially since Elise is barely a year old. But then Sonny made me an offer I couldn't refuse - his barely-used, mint-condition MacBook at a considerable discount and a friendly payment scheme. The last "sign" I needed to finally decide to buy the Mac is if I could find a buyer for Elise. And to my surprise, my cousin Rocel was actually looking for a new computer and she ended up getting it!

So now, I'm typing this blog post on my Mac, woohoo! For the same reason that I'm inspired to write when I have nice notebooks and pens, I'm also inspired to work with my new computer, haha! I've decided to call her Eli - still after my Mom, and sort of in memory of my previous laptop, which I also liked a lot.

So excited for all the things I will write with my Eli! :)


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