It's a white Christmas!

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I'm not a materialistic person, but there are still things that I'm sentimental about. So sentimental, in fact, that I actually name them. My current laptop - the MacBook - is Eli. My five notebooks for 2017 are Bruce, Triumph, Permission, Universe, and Curiosity. My fountain pens are Jose, Protacio, and Rizal, after our National Hero who wrote with the prototype of these instruments. My knife is Kindness.

My gis all have names, too. My white 31/Fifty (which I already gave away) is Batman, because the guy who sold it to me proclaims he's Batman. My navy blue Fenom is Peanut Butter, because the girl who sold it to me is Ludee. My black Hyperlyte is Vader II. It's my replacement gi for Vader, the black Prana I bought on the fourth of May, which I sold to fund a road trip, haha! And then there's the navy blue Fuji, Lauryn Hill.

So when I decided to buy another gi as a holiday (and birthday) present for myself, I immediately started thinking of a name. I ordered an Ikiro Chrome Lite gi. After staring at the pictures of this white beauty on Facebook, I thought of calling it CHRISTMAS! Haha! It arrived after New Year's though, but it doesn't matter. Here's a photo:
It's sooooo pretty, isn't it? :) I'm a minimalist, and that's why I really appreciate the clean and understated design aesthetic of Ikiro. And although this particular gi is pretty light, I'm told that it's still tough enough to take abuse from training and even competition. I'll find out soon enough - I'm currently sidelined by two injured wrists (one from surgery and one from a sprain), so I can't train yet (BOO!). But I'm probably going to hit the mats again in a week or so - just for drills, but definitely no sparring yet - because I really can't wait to take Christmas out for a spin!


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