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On one random night of drinking, my friend Bryan (from Dumaguete) repeatedly proclaimed that I was “fit as f*ck.” Haha! It started when he asked me what happened to my hand, which was wrapped in elastic bandage. I sprained it from doing a headstand on uneven sand, and although I didn’t really have to mummify it, I opted to do so - it was my dominant hand, so I tend to forget it’s injured and I keep using it to lift or carry heavy things. The bandage was there to remind me to let the hand rest. 
Back to the story, when I told Bryan it was the headstand, he told me that he actually saw it on Facebook and that it was really straight pretty straight. And because I can do it, he went on to say that I am the "fittest woman" he knows. For the record, I don't consider myself particularly fit, but I do know that I'm not doing bad at all compared to people who have sedentary lifestyles.

And as a freshly-minted 30-year-old, being told that I was fit meant a lot - especially since I have to work twice as hard now to maintain my current weight. I work out regularly, but that’s actually the easy part. 

Food is a big problem for me. I’ve already managed to get rid of fast food - the only time I eat McDonald’s is when it’s served in the office, and that’s a victory in itself. I also cook my own food, and when I do, it’s usually some sort of veggie stir-fry and chicken breast fillet, free-range eggs and whole wheat breads. I even practice intermittent fasting!

The problem isn’t what I eat - it’s that I eat a lot. And I mean A LOT. In the words of Alfred, I eat like a hungry carpenter, so I’m the worst choice of company for anyone who’s trying to cut back on food. I’m aware that as I get older, pure exercise won’t cut it anymore so I will inevitably need to diet if I want to stay fit (or as Bryan said, fit as f*ck!). So I have to train myself to eat less.

My friend Ed told me before that I need to stop eating when I’m no longer hungry and not when I’m full. So yeah, good luck to me - I need it.


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