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Last December, before flying off to my super holiday adventure in Dumaguete/Siquijor, I had minor surgery done on my wrist to remove a mass of lubricant - joint lubricant, that is! The really sucky part is that, a week before the mass popped up, I ordered my Ikiro Chrome Lite Gi (Christmas!) with the intention to hit the mats right after New Year. So yeah, that made me feel even worse about getting sidelined.
After - not much, eh?
The surgeon told me that the mass developed as a result of too much stress on my wrist. Aside from my job as a writer (which entails typing for hours on end), my choice of physical activities make me a prime candidate for things like that. So my surgeon spliced my wrist open and popped the lubricant bubble before stitching the cut back together. I watched the entire procedure intently and I was amused that I didn’t feel a thing. The amusement wore off when the anaesthesia did. Haha!

I took antibiotics for a week right after the surgery, but I opted not to take the prescribed pain relievers because they make me woozy. That meant using up every ounce of willpower I had to fight the pain - but it also made me conscious of my wrist and how I moved it. I was told that minimal or no movement will help speed up recovery, and the pain actually helped me remember to be careful. 

A week after the minor operation, I went to see the surgeon again for a follow-up check-up. He was unable to hide his exasperation after I asked him five times in the span of five minutes, “When could I go back to jiu-jitsu?” Haha! Sadly, this was one injury that I really have to be patient with. Unlike a sprained ankle that I simply have to wrap in tape before training, a surgical incision is something that I need to wait out to heal. Scar tissue needs to form on it before I could start training in jiu-jitsu again, which would take about a couple of months.

But I’m not the type who could ever really sit still - so I continued my knife training. Haha! Luckily for me, the cyst formed on my left wrist (I’m right-handed), so I didn’t have much trouble during my training with Alfred and during the General Assembly last January. 

I’ve been a really obedient patient and I’m set to claim my reward: very, very soon I’m going back to training. :)


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