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I hate humble bragging so let me just brag: I receive a lot of praise for my handwriting and I’m not going to act like I don’t know it’s actually pretty good, because IT IS! HAHA! It’s not as good as my brother’s, but it’s definitely above average in terms of neatness. I have to credit our daily calligraphy exercises at O.B. Montessori School for this awesomeness, haha!

The kind of calligraphy we learned in school was the Montessori calligraphy - a specific cursive writing system that had a lot of accents and was kind of loopy. It was actually easy to do, especially if you’re using a fountain pen, but it can be a bit time-consuming if you really want it to be pretty. When I entered university, I stopped writing that way because I had to write fast if I wanted to keep up with what my professors were saying.

Occasionally, I would write the Montessori way just to make sure I still know how. I’m glad to note that my hand still remembers how, even if it’s obviously rusty. But while that writing style is nice and pretty, it’s not exactly very artsy. I think I spend too much time on Pinterest looking for pegs for projects, because on a whim, I decided that I was going to learn calligraphy!
My tent card... was waiting for me when I got there. HAHA
Something different
And to make sure that I follow through on it, I booked my first “client” before I even found a workshop I could join - I offered to do the envelopes of the invitations for my friend David’s wedding. Haha! And when he agreed to let me do it, I enrolled in a Basic Calligraphy Workshop offered at The Craft Central. 

But as it turns out, this kind of calligraphy is wildly different from the one I know, and it was hella hard! I really struggled at the workshop, juggling unlearning old writing strokes and learning a new technique. 
The struggle is real
I understood what I had to do - in theory. It's really just the execution that I'm having trouble with. My heavy hand and vise-like grip, which is valuable in jiu-jitsu, didn't help me much here. Haha! Don't get me wrong, though - I had a lot of fun and although my hand was hurting by the end of the three hours, I was still very happy I took the class. I actually like being a beginner - trying out and learning new things is always a good thing. :)

Thank you, Ava and the rest of The Craft Central staff for this awesome experience! :)


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