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My sometimes boss, sometimes minion John posted “Ang copywriter kong gangstar!” with this image on my Facebook timeline:
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People who meet me for the first time on my good days (when I have the energy to exercise my social skills) are often surprised when they find out about my interest in martial arts and combatives. Someone even commented that he couldn’t “reconcile” my “bubbly, light-hearted persona” with my “deadly skill set.” HAHA!

I gathered a few friends in Dumaguete to share with them some techniques with the knife so I can practice, and one person in the group told me that he finds it amusing that even when I’m talking about something so lethal, my voice still sounded sweet. Since then, I’ve actually grown a bit more conscious about my tone when I’m discussing knife techniques; I know that I really have to work on my badassery. LOL

After my second Libre Fighting seminar, I decided that I wanted to learn it more so I enrolled in private lessons with my dear friend Alfred, who was already a certified instructor at the time. It’s funny how I spend time and money learning something that I pray I will never have to use in real life. Even with my newly-acquired skills, I made it a point to avoid dangerous places and situations (which was fairly easy since I like staying home, anyway). I still train regularly - I spend anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes daily practicing the techniques - because I want to be ready for the Zombie apocalypse. Yup.

Okay, seriously now: I started my journey with boxing - not to fight, but to lose weight in time for the summer. My friend Franco convinced me to try jiu-jitsu, and I enjoyed it so much that I stopped boxing. For a very brief time, I also trained Krav Maga and defensive handgun. And then, with help from Alfred, I stumbled upon the joys of the short blade (Libre Fighting), which eventually paved the way for me to get into arnis with Carlos Hermanos.

I’ve always been a strong person, but I have never felt more empowered than after I started with martial arts and combatives. I will never tempt fate, but it sure feels nice to know that if it comes to it, I actually have a real shot at surviving a life-and-death situation. 

The world is a wonderful place, but it can be dangerous, too, so it can’t hurt to be aware, to be prepared.


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