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Our band, Manaha, took a really long hiatus on account of our busy schedules. We didn’t have a single gig or jamming session in 2016! Gershwin switched jobs before the year was over, which gave him free time for family and hobbies - so he initiated contact with the group. Finally, in January 22, 2017, we found ourselves back in Pinoy Penguin!
Mirror selfie #1
The day before the jam, I brushed up on our original songs by listening and singing along to our rough recordings. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to listening to my own voice - I just sound so weird, haha! I also had to re-read the lyrics to jog my memory. 
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Gersh and I met up in Gateway and then cabbed it to the studio, and we arrived at the exact moment Dawnie got there! Amazing! Bok was a bit late because he got stuck in traffic, which is okay since the purpose of that jam was just to get our feet wet again. Gershwin reserved the Pinoy Penguin's Studio A for a couple of hours, and we used that time to re-familiarize ourselves with five songs from our usual repertoire.

My two songs, Kape and Pag-Amin, made the cut, as well as Dawnie's Paglakad, and Gershwin's Palaisipan and Antok. I was hella rusty, but jamming with the guys again was a lot of fun! We're all keen on playing a gig again, but we all agreed during rehearsal that we need to find a bassist before we can even dream of going onstage. We didn't sound bad, but we need the groovy bass lines to even out the band's sound. Wish us luck in our search! :)


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