Time travel - part 2

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After lunch, we checked in at our hotel on the other side of the city, Islands Hotel. The place is very nice, and reasonably-priced, too! They’ve only opened their doors for business recently; apparently, a lot of new hotels are opening in that location because it’s near the bus terminal. We had breakfast there the next day, and the food was pretty good and like the rooms, the prices are okay, too. :) 
We rested for a bit before we went on our walking tour of the city. Like Panay, they also have a beautiful church - Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral. It’s significantly more ornate than Santa Monica, which is why I personally prefer the latter. I went inside and hurriedly mumbled my prayers - I was rushing because I was wearing shorts, which is rather inappropriate for any place of worship.
So many takes
There was a huge installation of the word ROXAS by their boulevard, and it took a zillion attempts between me, Hannah, and Clona to get a clean photo from across the road, what with the busy traffic of mostly tricycles and motorbikes. 
Night. Moonriver...
Taking a pic of the Old Capiz Bridge was easier, haha! The Chinese New Year banners were kind of an eyesore during the daytime. When we went back to the same spot by the riverside after sunset, the bridge looked so much lovelier with the light of the street lamps bouncing off the water of Panay River. My photos didn’t do the sight any justice, and for that, I apologise.
I forgot to take a pic of the facade in the afternoon :(
We spent most a huge chunk of the afternoon in Panubli-on Museum, where there was an exhibit on the life of National Artist for Music and opera star Jovita Flores, dubbed “The Nightingale from Capiz.” She took Europe and the world by storm with her “perfect vocal technique,” with Madame Butterfly as her most famous stage role. I guess you can say that she’s the Lea Salonga of her time.
Madame Butterfly
The same museum also had an exhibit on their folklore. Capiz is known for their colorful legends, and for the aswang. Yup, you read that right - aswang - the mythical shapeshifting monster in Filipino folklore feared even as far back as the 16th century. Capiz has become stigmatized as the home of these creatures. 
And of course the museum featured an exhibit on Manuel Roxas, the first and so far only Philippine President to have hailed from the province. They preserved household items, select clothing, handwritten notes, and other articles, which were displayed with photos from his childhood all the way to his days as the country’s leader. We learned there that he died of a heart attack following an “impassioned speech” at Clark, Pampanga. 
We had our afternoon coffee and snack (carrot cake and cookie a la mode) in Raffy’s, and dinner at another local cafe. We tried to visit the house where President Roxas was born, but it was already closed by the time we got there. But it’s okay - Hannah googled it to check what we were missing, and really, it wasn’t much.

Although modern conveniences like vehicles, electricity, and cellular reception were everywhere, walking around Roxas City somewhat takes you back to the past. More than its history, preserved in structures and artifacts, it’s the place’s overall vibe that makes a walking tourist feel like he or she were on a time-travel tour. If it were a person, you’d call this city an “old soul.” 


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