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Although Mararison Island was breathtaking, my favorite part of the trip would have to be our stay in Tibiao, Antique because there was NO CELLULAR RECEPTION. My jobs require me to be online practically 24/7, and that takes its toll on me. I'm glad that this part of the vacation brought me off the grid, and for a little under 24 hours, I couldn't be reached.

After the city, the beach, and the hills, we went on to chase waterfalls! We hiked for about 30 minutes from where we were staying (Kayak Inn - more on that later) to get to Bugtong Bato Falls. It was a hot day and I was already sweating like a pig ten minutes into the hike, so of course I waded in the cool waters when we got there.
I can't remember which tier this was haha
The rocks were slippery but I had to climb
The hike to Bugtong Bato Falls wasn't difficult at all - throughout most of it, you're really just walking on flat land. Making things even better are: (1) the green your eyes get to take in, and (2) the fresh and nourishing mountain air. Not only did I getaway from communication, I also got away from pollution, and I loved every minute of it.
We stayed in Kayak Inn, where we rented one cottage that was spacious enough for four people. The bed was clean and comfy! The cool mountain weather was the perfect air conditioner, and I loved covering up with the thick blanket all night long. 
But what we really came for is the traditional Kawa bath. A thick cauldron is filled with water and made to boil with fire. They use fallen bamboo as firewood, and it usually takes about 30 minutes for the water to reach a good temperature. They throw in fragrant leaves and some flowers, and voila - it's bath time!

I let the hot bath soothe my tired muscles (we did hike twice in two days, and the land travel was a bit tiring even though it was pleasant) and my eyes soaked in the view of their rice terraces. The water stayed warm the whole time - I think it's because of the thickness of the cauldron.
Nilagang Tita
Before our kawa bath, the three of us walked around the area for a bit (as if the hike wasn't tiring enough, haha!), and we saw this amazing tree house at the inn next to ours. I appreciate the respect that the builders had for nature - adjusting the structure to accommodate nature and not the other way around. And the result is stunning - see for yourself:
Respect for nature
Another stop we went to was the Hanging Bridge, and no - I did not have the courage to walk through half its length. It wasn't exactly in tip-top shape; the most recent typhoon inflicted a lot of damage on the structure. But what's amazing is that the locals would still ride their motorcycles through this bridge, and they're totally unfazed by danger!
The trip is definitely one for the books - masterplanned by another Hannah, how could it not be awesome? Haha! I'm glad I got to tour this part of Visayas, and I hope I get to come back again if only to unplug.


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