To the sunset - part 1

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Just like #MindaNOWorNever, a “Hannah” brilliantly masterminded a trip that I luckily got to be part of. Haha! We got to cover three of the five provinces of Region VI! Hannah scored cheap flights for us to Roxas City, where we went on a time travel (history walkthrough), and from there we headed to Culasi, Antique via a two-hour shuttle ride followed by a two-hour bus ride. 
Rural rides are the best. <3
And no, the journey wasn’t stressful at all. Some parts of it I slept through, but I was awake for a longer time, so I just soaked in mountain ranges of a deep, rich green alternating with fields of rice with the crops dancing with the wind. I watched from my window as we drove past rural people, walking, talking, playing. It was during the bus ride, actually, that I spent a lot of time reflecting on the conflict between my ambition and my desire for a quiet life. (That calls for another blog post.)

We arrived at Culasi, Antique at maybe around three in the afternoon. We checked in at our hostel (Anna Sophie) and rested a bit before we headed out to see the town. It was a quiet, sleepy town that reminded me a lot about my mother’s hometown - Paete, Laguna - while it reminded Clona of Bacong in Negros Oriental. The town is on the strip of flat land sandwiched between Mt. Madia-as and Sulu Sea.
Just like every town in the Philippines, there was a memorial for our National Hero, Jose Rizal. It was just plain concrete with a bad paint job, but of all the Rizal monuments I’ve seen (including Luneta), this one is my absolute favourite because of its stunning backdrop: a tall and wide mountain covered by the thick forest green of trees, kissed by the heavens through clouds that hung low.
We walked to the Boulevard and then sat on the dike to wait for the sunset. From where we sat, we could see Mararison Island, which was our destination the following morning. The tiny island looked like a black key that broke the rusty orange hues of the sun. It was breathtaking.
Dinner was at Jack’s Tapsi, a small restaurant that I found absolutely amusing for its logo that had the same style as Jack Daniel’s. I ordered pancit canton with egg, an old favourite I haven’t had in ages, and every bite was surprisingly comforting. 

We turned in early by Manila standards (but late for Antique time), so we could get up early for Mararison Island. 

(To be continued)


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