To the sunset - part 2

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The Key
We had a lovely breakfast at the hostel - hotsilog with a fish thingie that I couldn’t remember the name of - before we checked out to go to Mararison Island. It was a mere 15-minute boat ride away from the Boulevard’s shore, so we didn’t really need to rest when we got there. We just dropped off our things at the cottage and then headed out for a swim. I asked the sisters for help with my mandatory beach headstand photo. 
The sand was pristine white and the waters crystal blue, making Mararison Island a lovely pocket paradise. We pretty much stayed at the sandbar, where we had a wonderful view of mainland Antique. Swimming was a bit tricky because the steep slope by the slope, but it was still nice to just relax at the shallower portions. The water was too cold for me the day of our visit, so I just spent most of my time trying to even out my tan by soaking up as much sun as I could.
By the shore there were giant concrete jackstones that protected the island from the crashing of big waves during typhoon season. Those were put there after the island was devastated by Typhoon Yolanda. 
We headed back to the cottage for lunch, after which I spent perhaps an hour or so reading and another hour napping. HAHA! But seriously, I love that this vacation afforded me time to just chill and catch up on my reading. When the sun was already pretty cool, we set out for a hike of the island’s hills. Apparently, Mararison is dubbed the “Batanes of the Visayas,” and for good reason. 
The hills are alive
The hike was really easy, considering that I was out of shape at the time of our visit (sidelined from jiu-jitsu because of my left wrist). I was impressed with the solar-powered lampposts that lit the pathway to the top of the hills at night.
From the top
The top of the hill is called “Lantawan,” and we stayed there to watch the sunset. It was exceptionally windy up there, so I struggled a bit to maintain my balance as I took photos. I’m not a good photographer to begin with, and I don’t have a nice camera to compensate for that, so the pictures really didn’t give any justice to the amazing views, to the amazing sunset I got even closer to that day.

I live in an amazing country, and I’m incredibly grateful that I’m able to travel and see everything with my own eyes. 


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