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A couple of weeks back, I received a postal card from Makati Central Post Office; it said that I had to go there to get a package. I had no clue what it was; I racked my brains trying to figure out if I ordered anything online, or if any of my relatives from the US mentioned that they were going to send me something. 

So when the parcel was finally in my hands and the inscription read, “Sarah Smith,” my heart skipped a beat (well, maybe five beats) and I almost hysterically tore the damn thing open. This is what it contained:
I couldn't believe it.
Sarah “The Bully” Smith is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter from Canada. My friend, Patrick Bayot, first told me about her a couple of years ago. He said that we had the same build so I could maybe try to learn from her game. So I turned to Google to watch footage, and she became my peg for jiu-jitsu. It wasn’t just her game that got me hooked - it was her story, and how she told it in this video:
Sarah "The Bully" Smith Promo from Kamil Tkacz on Vimeo.

If you watched the video, you will see that Sarah is incredibly passionate about jiu-jitsu, and the people around her could see that. Online I found some testimonials for her from parents of the children she’s teaching (she’s one of the coaches of Team DNA BJJ). She made waves in the grappling world when she tapped out a Purple Belt when she was a White Belt. 

So yeah, I was crying - nay, BAWLING - like a big baby as I walked from the post office to office, cradling the package with one hand and holding my phone to my ear with the other. I had to call my best friend, Joandrea, to tell her the great news - I had to tell someone or I was gonna go crazy! Haha! It was Kuya Patrick who made the whole thing happen - he told Sarah about me and then BAM! Thank you, Kuya Pat! :)

The gift couldn’t have come at a better time. I had just gotten back from my overextended injury recovery period, and although I knew that it was perfectly normal to be rusty, I was getting really frustrated at how I seem to have forgotten everything I’ve learned so far. Sarah’s gift is exactly the motivation I needed, and it meant the world to me (hence, the tears of joy! Haha!). 

I was back to square one, yes - but the operative word was “back.” And when I hit the gym that evening, I made the decision that I was going to compete again. It will be tough considering my new full-time job and several key projects, plus the Libre Fighting certification I’m gunning for, plus the trips I’ve already scheduled - but I’ll manage it somehow. Gotta make The Bully proud! :) 


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