#MindaNOWorNever: Lake Sebu - part 2

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The following day, we went on an early morning boat ride in the lake, and we got to take quite a number of breathtaking photos. Here:
Hannah the Mastermind

Passing through




Bed of Lilies

Water lilies
Lake Sebu has seven waterfalls, and so we naturally chased after them. Haha! Of the seven, however, we were only able to approach two, as we didn’t have enough time to go hiking anymore before we had to leave for the next destination of our trip. Anyhow, the first waterfall reminded me of those luxury showers in fine hotels - except that it’s a thousand times bigger, and you can’t adjust the water temperature! 
The drop zone
The other one gave me the Jurassic Park feels as we approached. The old stone formation made me feel as though the Tyrannosaurus Rex was going to pop out of nowhere any minute. The drop was very high so of course the current was strong, and the impact also produced thin mist. I just took a few photos and then I focused on soaking everything in with my own eyes. 
We did see three more waterfalls via their zipline, and I managed to take a few snaps before the brief, exhilarating ride was over. I felt like a drone up there, but with no control whatsoever on my speed. Each of the waterfalls was surrounded almost entirely by the lush, thick forests, and every whiff of the fresh mountain air was invigorating.
From the zipline
From high up
I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had to follow our itinerary to the letter - we had a flight to catch in Davao bound for Zamboanga, and we couldn’t afford to extend this part of the trip.

We did, however, make one stop at the top of the tower, where we took one of the few selfies of the trip. Our color has changed so much since the start of the trip! Haha!
Thank you, Lake Sebu!

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