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We may have only stayed in Korea for one weekend, but we got to do a lot of exploring, shopping, and munching! Our first night in Seoul was spent wandering all over Myeong Dong. We actually didn’t have a proper dinner - instead, we sampled all sorts of street food, and everything I tried was just spectacular. Brunch the next day was Korean noodles (more on that later), followed by ridiculous amounts of coffee.

I tried to take as many photos as I could of the food there, whether or not I sampled them. There were still a lot of other things I didn't get to take photos of because self-control is FINITE: when amazing food stares you in the face, you don't stop to take a photo of it - YOU EAT IT. Anyway, here's a rundown of what I have:
This one I didn't get to try - we were walking pretty fast so I didn't have the chance to stop for it. I'm not sure what it is, either. Haha!
Torched barbecue! I didn't buy one for myself, but I got to try it (I think it was Kristoff who gave me a bite). It's delicious!
Now these... These completed the trip for me. <3 I love strawberries - even the smaller ones from Baguio - but these just made me fall in love with the berry SO MUCH MORE. They were sweet, juicy, plump - worth every penny! 
The office kids saw this online when they were doing their pre-trip research, and Lea let me try a spoonful. So that's basically delectable vanilla ice cream wrapped in a soft waffle, topped with a piece of honeycomb. Yes, honeycomb - so when you tear it with your spoon, fresh honey oozes from it. It is as yummy as it sounds, folks.
Nothing too fancy - these are shrimps cooked in butter and seasoned with pepper - but man, they were divine. This is proof that delicious food need not be complicated. 
Game changer: SCALLOPS, topped with butter and cheese and torched to perfection. It was a bit pricey, so Lea and I decided to split one. Forgive the cliche, but every bite of this was just heaven in the mouth. 

This is what the scallop looked like when it was served to us. The cheese was perfectly stringy, making it fun to eat!
This has to be the creamiest, milkiest ice cream I have ever tasted. I hate that I don't remember the name of the store - I couldn't even remember where it was, because we were just wandering aimlessly when we chanced upon it. 
This was our brunch on our second day - authentic Korean noodles. The photo doesn't do it any justice, but take my word for it - it's really good!
I didn't get to try this and I kinda regret it - it seems like the Korean version of okonomiyaki! This tops my must-try list for when I go back. Yup, WHEN, not IF. :)
Because LOBSTERS are street food in Korea. I mean, really - just look at that! Buttered then torched, and after this, it's topped with cheese and baked for a bit. Every bite was fantastic!
I'm not sure what this is, but it looks like okoy. I didn't want to try it because it was swimming in oil!
This is their Mang Larry, haha! All sorts of food on sticks - from sausages to squid to pork to beef to fish! I'm loving the variety. I guess the biting cold weather allows them to display food out in the open like this without them going bad right away. 
These are the best dumplings I have ever tried in my life. The one on top is vegetable, while the one at the bottom is shrimp (well, that should be obvious, right?). 
I don't know what these are, but they're pretty CUTE, right? Reminds me of the fish-shaped Korean ice cream!
This was LOVE. It's three flavors of yogurt, basically - served in such a beautiful, artistic way. I mean, really, just look at it! Green is green tea, white is vanilla, and pink is strawberry. My ass was freezing but I didn't care - when I saw this from a shop window, I just had to get it!
In the words of Kristoff, this is the BEST DRINK I have ever tasted in my entire life. I actually want to import it to the Philippines!

Their bakeshops are unbelievable. I'm a big fan of Tous Les Jours in the Philippines, but visiting their mothership made me an even bigger fan! Paris Baguette is another favorite. Aside from the food offerings, I love how their bakeshops look.
This was our last meal in Myeong Dong. We stepped out at around 2AM looking for real food because we didn't have a proper dinner. We pooled whatever was left of our money to order this hotpot-ish dish (beef and veggies, and we all ordered rice and beer). This is as authentic as they come.
Did someone say chicken leg? Haha! This was from a restaurant called Chicken Chicken (not kidding), at that part of Myeong Dong that was already leading to Nam San. We had our super late lunch here before we headed to Seoul Tower. It wasn't bad, but compared to everything else we've had so far, this was quite average.

Yes, I had kimchi. Lots of it! It comes free with every meal. 
This was the highlight of my trip. I was supposed to bring some home for Pauline, but fresh produce isn't easy to smuggle at the airport. So I ended up eating the lot right in my hotel room. Haha! I made Lea try it - she didn't eat strawberries before - and in her words, it was "life-changing."
I ate so much more food that I wasn't able to take photos of. On the streets of Myeong Dong, I tried some sort of spicy rice cake, and then veggies wrapped in bacon (it's a lot like what we have in Japanese restaurants here but it was just yummier there!). I also got to try the blueberry cheescake from Starbucks Coffee (the one we have here is decent, but the one there is amazing - the cheesecake is thicker and creamier, and the blueberries were the real deal).

At the airport, I had my last Korean meal, which was a bit similar to the first one I ate when we were lost in Seoul - beef, rice, and veggies, with kimchi - and it certainly felt like I've come full circle in the cultural culinary journey.

(To be continued)


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