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After reading those words off my mobile phone screen, I wanted to jump up high and click my heels in sheer, unadulterated glee. I am a writer, so words are my medium. I have very little experience in design, and I definitely don’t have the skill set to execute whatever it is on my mind. So a compliment like that, profane as it may be (HAHA), is indeed an #AchievementUnlocked!

My boss asked our team to develop logo studies for a Facebook group that brings together furniture & collectibles enthusiasts in Manila so they can buy and sell different items. I let the kids have a field day and play with their own ideas. 

A design was also brewing in my head, but because I am 99.9% Photoshop-ignorant, I asked Josh for help in rolling it out. I made a rough (and ugly) sketch on a sheet of paper, and I sat beside him as he brought it to digital life. This was the result:
Integrating copy in the design
I am copy-based (a lot of Creative Directors are), but as I recently took on the role of Associate Creative Director, I’m training myself to appreciate and critique design, as well. I’m getting a lot of help from Kristoff, Sonny, and even Jimmo, and Kristoff’s response to this piece of work assures me that I’m actually starting to learn. :)


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