I’m a bike commuter now!

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One of my dearest friends, Alfred, recently got into biking and he kept bugging me to get in on the fun and buy myself a bike. I was supposed to get a Surly Straggler, but circumstances forced me to reallocate a huge chunk of the money I was going to use for it. So I had to look for an alternative. Well, Alfred looked for that alternative and he got it for me from the bike shop Missing Link in Eastwood - a 2016 Marin Muirwoods 29. 
Quiet, elegant
It’s the perfect bike for my commuter needs. I bought it for a clear purpose: so I can make it to jiu-jitsu class in time. Metro Manila traffic is terrible and I don’t see it improving any time soon, so driving a car or taking a cab to the gym would get me there at least an hour late for training. For a while I also took Angkas (the motorcycle version of Uber) to get to jiu-jitsu, which was cheap and fast. That made me consider getting a motorcycle, but due to my family and friends’ shared concern for my safety, I opted for the bike instead.
From another angle
And it was a great choice. It’s a great workout, I must say - when I get to jiu-jitsu class, I’m already warmed up and crazy sweaty! Haha! On recovery days, I trade in mat time for road time, covering semi-long distances at a relaxed pace. It’s not nearly as expensive as a car to maintain, and it’s definitely not as bad for the environment! 

I also love how biking aimlessly also helps clear my head. When I’m stressed or stuck or simply in need of quiet, I hop on my bike for a quick ride. It unwittingly became an investment for my creative work, giving me all the more reason to love it. 

My bike’s name is Johannesburg, by the way - because Alfred Johannes bugged me to get one, and I couldn’t be happier that I did.


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