Marching as a penguin!

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Last week, I found myself in Mordor (Quezon City, haha!) - in Katipunan, specifically, for a gig. Yes, after over a year of not playing in front of a crowd, Manaha got invited to March of the Penguins 39 in Route 196. We would have wanted to play as a complete group, but Bok was on his honeymoon (congratulations to you and Inna!), and Dawn had work, so Gershwin and I played a five-song acoustic set. 
Our band name in lights! <3
It was the first time in a long time that I sung in front of people, so I was surprised that I wasn’t the nervous wreck I usually am at our gigs. We opened with Kape, the song I wrote with my best friend Joandrea one random night when we were in college: we couldn’t afford designer coffee for an all-nighter for study, so we ended up sipping instant coffee and jamming music in her house. 
Eyes closed.
Three songs from Manaha’s lineup were written by Gershwin: Antok, which is about insomnia, Palaisipan, which was his entry to Philpop some years back, and Kalaro, which he wrote about his son Athan’s cute little encounter with a girl in his school. Of the three, Kalaro is my favorite. A friend of mine who watched our gig before in Saguijo told me that it was an LSS-inducing song, and I agree! I was humming it under my breath as I walked home. 

We closed the set with my other song, Pag-amin, which literally means confession. When I introduce this song, I always dedicate it to people in the crowd who have love stories waiting to begin - with a confession. 

It was a good set although we could do better if we had more time to practice, and if we had the full band. Maybe next time. But for now, I’m just glad that we got to break the gig-less spell on Manaha. 


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