Pre-battle retreat part 1

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At the tail end of September last year, I took a quick weekend trip to Batad, Ifugao with my friend Mon, whom I met at ACC2015, an event the Stratminds Team handled. His company was one of the sponsors, so we got acquainted via email before we actually met at the conference and became friends because of our shared love for travel. 

He messaged me on Instagram one random day to tell me that he booked the trip, and he asked if I wanted to tag along. I was still a freelancer at the time, so it was incredibly easy for me to say yes. Besides, I badly needed a break. I was working really hard for Artesuave Manila, and for two reasons - I was one of the organizers, and I was also a competitor - so a getaway wasn’t so much a luxury as it was a necessity.

Travel Buddies! :) 
Mon and I hopped on a bus that brought us to Banaue after ten (or was it longer?) hours; we left the city at night and got to Banaue in the morning. The cool mountain weather and the gentle morning sun felt great after the long ride. Breakfast was the first thing on our agenda - the food wasn’t really much good, but the view from the window by our table made up for it. 
Breakfast View
After our meal, we headed to Batad, which was simply breathtaking. The amphitheater-like rice terraces are an engineering marvel, more so when you consider that they were built some two thousand years ago by the Ifugaos. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a shining example of human ambition and nature coming together perfectly, harmoniously. 
Stunning at any angle
We stayed in Hillside Inn, built close enough to the top tier to give us an incomparably picturesque view of yet another side of the mountain that had terraces. It just makes you want to sit and look, breathe in the fresh and clean (albeit oxygen-thin) air, sip hot coffee. In my case, it made me want to write, which I did - I filled page after page with attempts to describe what I was seeing, and murmurs of gratitude for the Universe bringing me there.
Best writing nook ever

I woke up TO this
(To be continued)


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