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If you’ve seen my Instagram account, or if you’ve read a few entries on my blog, or if you’re my friend, you would know that Libre Knife Fighting is a current obsession. To the unaware, this system is developed in San Diego, California specifically for short blades (up to 4 inches max) and close-quarter combat. I like it because it’s very direct and aggressive. Fighting with an edged weapon is supposedly in my DNA (being Filipino), so Libre is a great addition to the arsenal of fighting techniques I’m trying to learn and build.
For over a year, my knife was a Gerber I named Kindness. It was a pretty reliable knife that I even brought to a camping trip at Rancho in Mt. Talinis. Aside from the right blade length for Libre, what I really loved about it is the grip, which was perfect for my hand. It opens through a flipper, a protrusion at the back of the blade that you pull with either your thumb or index finger as you flick your wrist. With Kindness, my record time for a draw from my pocket was 2.3 seconds. 
Kindness 1
A very dear friend of mine lost his knife at an event we worked on in 2015, and he hasn’t replaced it since. As I’ve already been thinking about getting a new one, I decided to give Kindness to him as a gift. At the time I handed it over, I haven’t decided on a make and model to replace it with yet, so I shopped around. 
Not my grip
I went to Makati Square, where there was a huge selection of great brands like Spyderco and Benchmade. I also tried MDK in Cash & Carry. I don’t care so much about the blade features (for as long as I can stab and slash, I’m okay with it) or whatever - I just want a really nice grip. My hands are a bit weird: they’re bigger than most women’s, but smaller than most men’s, so the size is somewhere in an awkward space. None of the knives I saw on display met my grip standards.
Kindness 2
So I consulted people for knife recommendations, starting with Alfred, Dax, and Marc, three of my instructors in Libre Fighting. I also asked Sonny, our Creative Director, and he showed me his Emerson Kershaw CQC 7K. I wasn’t quite sold on it at first; the grip was fine, but I couldn’t figure out how to draw. Haha! But when Dax and Marc also backed up the 7K, I decided to go for it. And when I got it, I actually carved out time to learn how to draw.

The wave feature allows me to draw the weapon as I am pulling it out of my pocket, which then slashed a full second from my record draw time with its predecessor. I still look awkward doing it, but finesse will come as I put in my reps. What matters is that aside from the speed differential, the 7K gives me the advantage of having it drawn right in my opponent’s face or neck, hence the advantage of closing the distance. 

So I added the draw with the wave feature to my daily Libre drills. Apparently, an entire subsystem in Libre Fighting is built on this feature, so I also ordered the trainer (blunt blade, same handle) version of this knife. When that arrives from the US, I’ll call it Fake Kindness. Haha! The 7K I named Kindness 2 - as homage to the Gerber. 


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