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Pulp Summer Slam has been around for over a decade now (17 years, to be exact), but I only attended the one this year. I wasn’t really planning to, but my Dumaguete friends Glyn and Enting said they wanted to watch and they asked me to get them their tickets. I bought one for myself, too - I figured I’d go with them since I was going to host them when they flew in.

Circumstances prevented them from coming to Manila for the show. But it’s a good thing that another Dumaguete friend, Julian, was staying in the city to handle some work-related things. So I offered him a spare ticket and we went together, along with Ross and his best friend, Dan. 
At the entrance, they give you this
Back story: Julian and I spent the Monday prior to the event in Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila to be with our dear friend Natalie, who was going home to Luxembourg after six years in Dumaguete. When she finally left for the airport, Julian and I shared a GrabCar, which was driven by Ross. His car had a Stormtrooper sticker, just like Julian’s wallet, and that was the conversation icebreaker that led us to missing a couple of turns on our way to our destination. 

We got to Amoranto Stadium in Quezon City around 8PM, so we only caught two bands - progressive metal band Dragonforce, and the show headliners, thrash metal icons Megadeth. Ross and Dan only made it there for Megadeth’s set, but because they were both huge fans of the band, it was enough for them. 
They're amazing!
I wouldn’t call myself a fan of either band - or of metal, in general - but the fact that I knew who they were was a testament to their legacy in the metal scene. Both sets were amazing, and it was then that I understood why they were who they were in music. It was a pity that the sound system was fucking up for a quarter of Dragonforce’s set, but at least it was pretty flawless for Megadeth. 
The legends, themselves
I’m not qualified to talk about their music, so I’ll just stop trying now. Haha! But the event was pretty darn cool, I must say. There were thousands of people in attendance, and what amazed me was that the show pulled in people from all over the country. The devotion of these fans amazed me. Julian told me that of all genres of music, metal had the most loyal following.
That's a lot of people!
To be clear, I don’t think I’m going back next year. I had fun, yes. But it just wasn’t my scene, and although I wouldn’t consider myself sheltered, I wasn’t spared from a mild case of culture shock. I don’t understand what kind of high people get out of throwing bottles on stage, but that happened, along with a handful of other things I can’t ever imagine doing. I’m glad I went, though, and this experience is definitely one for the books. 


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