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While most people hopped from one stage to another at this year’s Fete de la Musique, I found myself singing in an unsanctioned, unofficial, not-so-secret stage #OPMLives in Commune put together by my friend Paul of SonicLogo. Haha! Manaha filled in for one of the bands in the original lineup who couldn’t make it that evening. 
Commune is a specialty coffee shop in Makati. It used to be located in Salcedo, and I worked there a lot when I was just starting out as a freelancer. They support local coffee farmers and they have good WiFi, which is why it was my go-to neighborhood coffee shop slash office. But they moved to Poblacion a couple of years ago and I haven’t visited the new shop until gig night. It was bigger, and they had an al fresco area on the second level; I’m thinking of heading down there one of these days to work.

Back to the gig - Gersh and I performed another all-original set. It’s our first coffee shop gig, so singing Kape felt like bringing the song home somehow. On the artists’ chat group, Paul jokingly gave Manaha the “Paninindigan Award” for our 100% OPM set. 
Thank you, A, for this pic!!! <3
Being an introvert, the one thing I’ve always, ALWAYS struggled with during gigs is the talkies in between songs. I’m sure I’m pretty good at presenting inside a board room, and I fared well in the two weddings I’ve hosted so far. But without the structure of a deck or a script, I just find myself lost! Which is exactly what happened at the gig: I jumped the gun each time with the words, “Next song!” Haha! Maybe I should really take Dax’s advice to enrol in improv, as the talkies are a big part of the performance.

The evening turned out to be way more interesting than our usual gigs, where we’d just pack up right after the set and head on home. I actually stayed, and until sunrise, too! I mostly hung out with Paul, Nestor, Zaldy, and Tim, and being around them reminded me of why I used to love the music scene back when I was a college kid. I guess I should start watching more gigs again.


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