Love and defiance

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This is a very, very late post but I still want to write it. My friend Pat Valera adapted for the stage Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac. I met him at a party hosted by our common friends, Carla and Seeya, before he started working on it, and he told me about his plan to go to Sagada to write it there. I remember thinking it was so cool of him to do that, and I made him a promise to watch it.
(image borrowed from their Facebook page)
Months later, I watched Mula Sa Buwan with Hannah, my thesis mate and my after-college play-watching partner (we watched Wicked together, too!), in Irwin Theater in Ateneo. I walked out with the song “Ikaw” playing on repeat in my head. It’s one of the most beautifully-written songs I have ever heard. I’ve loved it since they used a recorded version for the Facebook trailer. 

Ikaw was Cyrano’s song for his beloved Roxanne, but she thought it was from her handsome Christian. She realized too late who it was really from. But it wasn’t Roxanne’s and Cyrano’s tragic love story that broke my heart; rather, it was watching Cyrano lose his friends in the war. That was the scene responsible for my leaving the theater with red, swollen eyes.
Congrats to the cast!
Boo Gabunada’s Cyrano was stellar, and I’m glad I got to tell him that when I met him a few weeks after their February 2017 run, when he took on another theatrical role for a play that we produced for a corporate client.

Hannah and I watched the play on its first run in December 2016, and although I desperately wanted to, I wasn’t able to watch in the February 2017 re-staging. I heard that they made some improvements on the set design, and it would have been nice to see. But that didn’t matter to me as much as the script and lyrics, and on those points, Mula Sa Buwan is solid. 

Congratulations, Pat and the rest of the Black Box Team! 


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