Pre-battle retreat part 2

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Wandering Capricorn
View from one of our hike breaks
Hiking to Tappiya Falls was in our itinerary. It was a mere 30 minutes away, but the trail was quite challenging, especially when you factor in the low oxygen levels at that elevation. So it’s a good thing I was actually in the best shape of my life at the time of the trip: I was fit AF (haha!), I wasn’t smoking, and I wasn’t drinking. Mon got a bit of a shock from the hike, but he survived it and I’m proud of him. 
Hiking up and down
Hiking Break
Since neither Mon nor I were familiar with the terrain, we asked help from a local guide. I can’t remember his name - sorry! But I do remember that we had a chat about ownership of the terraces. Their ancestors collectively built the terraces, and thus every family in the tribe was given a plot that they can pass down the line (he even pointed out to me the plots owned by their family). 
Worth every step.
Tappiya Falls was well worth every step (of the somewhat difficult trail) to get there. It was a narrow but tall waterfall with a strong drop force. Although it was freezing, I of course went for a swim - I considered it and the trek a way to make up for the strength training and conditioning class at the gym that I missed that day. I’d like to think that because of the altitude, I was getting a really good workout. I don’t know if it was all in my head or whatever, but I felt amazing when we got back to low land.
Sun's playing hide and seek
Our tour guide noted that we were pretty lucky that it was a sunny day, because we wouldn’t have been allowed to swim if it had rained (the current would make it unsafe to do so). We stayed there for an hour - an hour that seemed to stretch into several, giving our legs seemingly enough time to rest for the trek back to the inn. 

(To be continued)


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