Pre-battle retreat part 3

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Heading out
We left Batad before lunch on Sunday so we could spend most of the day in Banaue instead. It was a very cloudy afternoon with scattered rain showers, so when we got to the main viewing point for the Banaue Rice Terraces, we couldn’t see a thing. But we still have a number of amazing photos, which we took on other viewing points along the way. 
Prepare for war!
Amazing, right?
I made the mistake of not bringing extra cash on this trip - there were no ATMs so I had to be careful with how much I spent. They were selling traditional knives in one of the souvenir shops, and one pair that I liked costs PhP1,800. That’s practically half the cost of our entire trip, but I would have gotten them if I had the cash. I ended up buying another weapon within my budget - a miniature bolo that I could wear around my neck. Haha!
This was what I wanted
This was all I could afford.
Before we headed to the bus station, we took a quick trip to their “museum” - two preserved traditional huts, filled with and surrounded by Ifugao artifacts. Theirs was an interesting Filipino subculture and I do hope that they continue with their efforts to preserve it despite the machinery of modernism threatening to erase it altogether.  
Interesting decor choices
The entire trip spanned a weekend, which, if you think about it, was just a little over 36 hours since we spent a huge chunk of our time on a bus. I would have loved to stay at least a day or two longer, but I had to go back to planning and training for Artesuave Manila, while Mon had a flight back to Malaysia. But I wouldn’t mind coming back here again, and for more than a weekend. 


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