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I wasn’t able to catch Wicked the first time it was staged here in the Philippines, which is pretty sad when you consider that I was the writer hired by Bambi Verzo (rest in peace) to draft the press releases seeded to the local media then. Luckily for me, the show returned to the country and my college friend/thesismate Hannah scored us discounted tickets for pretty sweet seats! 
Wicked was amazing. A lot of people were raving about the soundtrack and I’m actually one of them. For about a couple of weeks after watching, I’d sing “Defying Gravity” in the shower. Not that I ever thought that I’d ever reach those high notes, but that didn’t stop me from trying. I’m just glad that my bathroom’s location in the condo spares the neighbours from my attempts. 
From our seat
Aside from the music and the acting, what really made me fall in love with the production is that the whole thing from start to finish was an absolute visual treat. The stage, the props, the costumes were all amazing, but what really made my eyes glimmer was the lighting design - my work in events gave me the appreciation for that art. 
Light play.
The scene where Elphaba was flying while singing Defying Gravity was accentuated with light play on shimmery black cloth, and in during the brief intermission that came after it, I just had to fish my phone from my bag to tweet that Wicked was the most visually stunning play I have ever seen. 

Before heading home, Hannah and I had a bite to eat at a nearby McDonald’s. I told her then that we were both so lucky to be part of this generation, to be alive at a time when productions like Wicked were finally coming to the Philippines, unlike when our parents were younger. During their time, you had to be pretty loaded so you could fly abroad and watch these plays. I guess we have Bambi to thank for getting that started. 


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