A reincarnation story

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(This is my 1,000th blog post! WHEE!!!)

Confession: I recently got bit by the Hallyu bug, haha! I know, I know - it’s so uncharacteristic of me, and I’m really very surprised at how much I enjoyed watching Korean television series. The first I watched was Descendants of the Sun - recommended to me by my friend Erika. I enjoyed it so much that I followed it up with Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea - both of which re-piqued my interest in reincarnation.

I was raised in a Catholic home, so in lieu of reincarnation, we believed in an afterlife - either heaven or hell, depending on the kind of life we lived on earth. In school, however, I learned about other religions through studies in World History, and I was particularly curious about reincarnation. The details vary slightly on the cultures, but the principle remains the same: when we die, we are reborn, and the new life that awaits us depends on how we lived. 
Rizal, now?
(image from the internet)
Watching those series got me thinking of a new story that I’d like to write, using reincarnation as the plot device that moves things forward. It’s all still brewing in my head so I can’t say much about it, but it will revolve around a reincarnated Jose Rizal and no, it’s not going to be a love story. I’m setting a date with my college friend and thesis mate, Hannah, to discuss young Rizal - she’s pretty well-read on the subject so I’m sure she’ll be of great help. 

I don’t know yet how far I’ll run with the story, but offhand, I’m thinking of a play or maybe even a web series once the story is complete. Although the big idea will come from me, I’m certain I’ll need help to develop it into another medium, so I’m also looking around for people who can partner with me for this.

Wish me luck!


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